About us

Revinova Treuhand AG

Revinova Treuhand AG (Revinova) was founded in 1966 as Management Revisions AG providing initially third party accounting services to Trusts, and lately Family Offices. In 1990 the name was changed to Revinova Treuhand AG. It continues to service the Trustees of Family Trusts to this date.

Revinova proposes a niche financial management and reporting service for Family Offices and Trusts that is tailored to the complex and unique needs of the Client. We would work with your Family Office management to identify the optimal systems and reporting requirements and build a platform accordingly, allowing the CEO / CIO to focus on key strategic decisions for the Family. Our team would then manage your ongoing accounting, reporting and any other financial management requirements, Clients only paying for the services they need.

Revinova employs a team of 11 highly experienced, qualified Trust accountants and administrators from a range of nationalities and backgrounds. All staff are based in Zürich under the direct supervision of management.